Internet of Things

As the Internet of things is always changing, it’s interesting to think about what’s the future of the Internet of things. Enchanted objects that will succeed will be the ones that carry on the traditions and promises of the objects of our age-old fantasies. The ones that connect with and satisfy our fundamental human desires. They will be cars that transport us as safely and delightfully as flying carpets. Writing instrument that remembers. Rings that connect us. Tools with as much utility, familiarity, and character as my family’s barometer. That’s David Rose again from Enchanted Objects.

So, in the future of the Internet of things, we need to think about the trend of things. What’s happening in things right now and how far out can we project that? It’s good to think about other kinds of connectivity options. We thought a little bit about Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. There are other things coming down the road that are going to be very, very interesting for connecting things to apps and apps to the Internet. It’s great to figure out the things that you know about right now, but how do you stay on top of when new things are introduced, which is happening nearly every day? And then finally, we looked at WunderBar, and we looked at the TI SensorTag and Android Wear as ways to build things.

There are other kinds of platforms out there and we’ll take a look at briefly, some of the up and coming platforms and options you may in the near term future.

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