An Ultimate Guide to Localization in Android App Development

Mobile app localisation

Localization is the process of customizing your app for use in countries other than your native country. When you think of releasing your app in another country, you might just think about translating all the text, but it’s not quite that simple. It takes time and effort to modify your app in such a way that...

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Why did Google create material design?

Google material design

Users of Android devices were in many cases learning how to use applications on an application by application basis because every mobile app development team was designing their application in order to operate in ways that they thought were most efficient. Android is an open source operating system that has not always had complete continuity. This problem...

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Android Studio Essential Training You Can’t Miss

android app studio

This post is designed for software developers who want to build Android app development using Java and the Android SDK. I’ll be describing how to use Android Studio, the official IDE from Google, and specifically Android Studio 2, which was in public beta when I recorded the course. In order to work with Android apps, you’ll...

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Everything You Should Know About Google Firebase for Android

firebase app development

Welcome to Google Firebase for Android. Google Firebase is a platform for creating, marketing, and monetizing awesome mobile apps. It works on Android app Development , IOS App Development, and the web. In this post, we’re going to take a quick look at what it’s like to build Custom Android app development with...

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Exploring IoT features of Android App Development

android app development

Specific to mobile app development, everyday new challenges are presented whereby an app for a handheld device is needed to help solving an IoT purpose. The final step in our exploration of Internet of Things is going to be looking at the features that are built into Android that are useful for connecting up two...

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Introduction To the Internet of Things

Internet of things

Let’s do some exploring of the IoT Universe. “The most profound technologies are those that disappear. “They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life “until they are indistinguishable from it.” This is Mark Weiser from Xerox PARC, in 1991, 25 years ago. That was the vision. Now the reality is here and let’s talk...

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An Ultimate Guide to Android App Development with Java

android app development with java

If you are new to Android App Development, this is where you should start. Here is a comprehensive guide that gives you a bird-eye view to developing custom Android app development with Java. The Android app framework works around the Java programming language and specifically starting with Java 7, Android uses a...

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A Step –by-Step Guide to Android App Development in Kotlin

Android app development in kotlin

Welcome to creating your first Android App in Kotlin. Google’s announcement that Kotlin is now an officially supported language, is exciting news and is really the future of Custom Android app development. I highly recommend that anyone learning Android app development for the first time, start off with Kotlin. And then, write your very first Android...

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