Engage your customers for longer retention; we work to take your customer engagement to the next level by a personalized experience.

Bring more customers on board; connect to them for longer duration through seamless recurrent tête-à-tête and let them choose you as their personal favorite when they come back to you time and again. The areas of Retention in which we worked is :-

Email-Hacks                       E-Mail Hacks 

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Retargeting Users

Clocking high customer head-count could take long, but losing out on current customers happens in a second. That’s why customer Retention plays a critical role for the sustainable growth of your startup.

E-Mail hacks to Increase Engagement and Retention

With growth hacking retention, we will take email as critical component of engaging/retaining users by sending them daily/weekly digest E-Mails, transnational E-Mails, Important Product updates E-Mail and adding drip E-Mail campaign for inactive users.

Generating user generated content :- 

Doing weekly digest email activity (Even if users doesn’t click on any links, they are engaging on with the brands and website)For example :- we will send emails regarding  weekly/monthly  on key/metrics on our dashboard or discussing highlights from projects, how many tasks completed, who were the biggest contributor from the team

Transactional E-Mails :– (Push notification e-mails).
As E-Mail or push notification is the powerful way of hooking back the existing users we will make sure we are tracking and monitoring there activity on the product and X amount after we can reduce the frequency of play with the content.

Sending important product update with E-Mail

Each time when you are making significant change to the product, we will make your users notify about the messages and your product will remain on top of their minds. These update shouldn’t contain sales messages or anything else that dilutes the message.

E-Mail Hacks

Growth is never feasible in isolation. Your growth hacking strategies must work in synergy with retention as major focal point.


With ‘Aha moment’ we encouraged you as a company to restructure onboarding platform accordingly.

 Essentially showing banner ads to people who have visited your website before and the kind of product they have visited before.

 Staying on the mind of users we will use tools like Adroll, which will help us to rotate the ads until 2 weeks, so this is like “Adwords-dependant Startup”

 Else we will run ads only to registered users (We will be doing for retention not for Acquisition)


Clocking high customer head-count could take long, but losing out on current customers happens in a second.
Retention Hacks

Surveys :- Once users are inactive on your product there may be several reasons for that, we should not assume they doesn’t like you product so in order to have better retention strategy doing surveys for better understanding the needs and accordingly communicate with your users. We can also create exit surveys for those users who are not sticking with your brand.

Community :– Community is like a place to build a place where all your targeted customers can hang around and discuss about the work areas that they wanted to involve.For inspiration: – check out growthhackers.com and inbound.org, it’s a useful platform for marketers can share the article, do AMA and so on. Similarly Unbounce has also created similar kind of platform for the users who wanted to hack the landing page development

Gamification: – Appreciating your users by having a proper gamification in place, this is no brainier that good engagement will increase the retention, so we will create gamificaton strategy for your user to stick with your brand by collecting coins, chasing people in ranking and contributing common results will keep user engage.

As Industry statistic puts it, “80% of a business’s future revenue comes from just 20% of its existing customers”


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