Printing from Android Phone

Printing from a mobile device was considered heresy a few years ago. I suppose the demand was so great that Google has relented, and your Android phone or tablet can easily print from many apps. The key to making the print feature work is to have a printer connected, turned on, and made available on the same Wi-Fi network that the Android connects to. To confirm that printers are available and that the Android operating system has proper print utilities installed, open the Settings app, choose connected devices, printing.

Cloud Print is Google’s remote printer assistant. The default print services is installed, well, by default. I recommend that you add another service based on the printers available. For example, I’ll go to the Play Store app, and here you see I’ve searched for print services. The HP Printer Service plug-in is available. If you have HP or Hewlett-Packard printers in the office, go ahead and install that, or install whatever service is associated with the printers you have.

You don’t need to open the service, it should just automatically appear in the list of services. There it is. Not every app supports printing. The key is to locate a print action. I’m going to open Google Docs and my shopping list here. Tap the action overflow, and if you don’t see a print action directly, choose a Share command, here’s Share and Export, and there’s the print action.

Here’s a print card, which is similar to a print dialog box on a computer. You can choose a specific printer, you can expand the card to choose more options, which again works like a print dialog box. Tap the print icon, and the document will print on the selected printer. If you have any problems, ensure that you’ve obtained the proper print service. Otherwise, printing is completely possible when using your Android mobile device.


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