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Welcome to Programming the Internet of Things with Android app development. “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” That’s what Arthur C. Clarke said in Profiles of the Future from 1961, nearly 60 years ago. As the price and power required to operate a computer continues to drop into the range of pennies and milliwatts, microprocessors and more importantly, the sensing and expressing devices attached to them are finding their way out of not only the air-conditioned rooms of yesteryear, they’re leaping off your desk, moving beyond your lap and into your pocket and, even more magically, inside everyday objects such as light bulbs, bottle caps, planter boxes, thermostats, smoke detectors, watches, glasses, and even the air valves on the tire of your bike or car.

There’s a universe of possibilities created when you combine a microprocessor, a Wi-Fi or a Bluetooth radio, digital sensors and effectors into a thing connected to the global network. This is the so-called Internet of Things. We’ll explore both off the shelf things and easy to make things and how, with just a little bit of code, you can build, interact and control these things using your Android phone or tablet. Before we roll up our sleeves and get started, I invite you to take just a moment and think about where and how an intelligent, aware thing, combined with your Android phone or tablet, could change not only your personal world but make life better for millions of people.

Okay, welcome back. So how did that go? Did you capture the jazz solo that passed through your mind? If your mind’s firing on all cylinders right now, like mine does when I attend a conference, as the course progresses, just pause and capture what’s going on through your head. You know, the oven you’re worried you forgot to turn off, the thank you note you’ve been meaning to write, the cat you need to feed. Specs of silicon combined with the power of the cloud can facilitate all of these. You never know when inspiration will strike.

In the very near future, you’ll even be able to use a brilliant new thing called a Kapture Band to retrieve the immediate past as it is constantly recording audio in a loop so that, when inspiration strikes, you, with a single button, can transfer the recording of the past minute or so to your Android phone, thus hopefully snaring those elusively, perfectly-worded thoughts, or perhaps even ending one of those unwinnable arguments about who said what.

About Boston Technology Corporation (BTC)

BTC is a top mobile app development company based in Boston. With strong domain knowledge and expert development team, we help businesses to leverage the power of mobility.  Organizations have hugely benefited from our services including custom Android app development, iOS mobile app development, enterprise mobile app development, Wearables and IoT, Cloud development, Web development, QA, Testing and Strategic Consulting.


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