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 We provide Growth Hacking For Startups and established organizations by working on following three broad components at specific stages of startups through its growth hacking services, experiencing these concepts with training/mentoring and application of these concepts for real-life business needs in the form of online communities.

Growth remains the pinnacle purpose for every organization – be it a startup which has just started its journey, a multi-national company rolling in bucks or a traditional family business firm which has been run by various generations.  Growth hacking for startups is about achieving growth with limited resources. To put it in simple words, reaching bigger audience number within short time duration inspite of possessing restricted resources was what all aimed at and was possible only through growth hacking.

Have you ever wondered what secret lamp did Tinder manage to find that they rocketed from 5K users to 15K+ users all of a sudden? Did Uber and Airbnb get a midas touch for themselves to be listed as the sky-rocketing startups of the world? Well, These start-ups and numerous other startups who have succeeded in sky-rocketing their customer base all attribute their success to one success formula – growth hacking.

Having said this, one would want to take notice of the fact that owing to the nature of growth hacking’s methodology which demands businesses to develop innovative and exclusive applications, not all of growth hacking strategies work for every business type.

Pirate Metrics for Startups (AARRR model) 

Dave McClure has broken growth hacking strategies for startups and established organizations into different phases or stage and interestingly given them the name Pirate Metrics as they bear the acronym AARRR. As a startup if you succeed in optimizing every single stage of the growth funnel or each of the below listed 5 metrics, then you are sure to taste success.


When user visit the site
from a range of platforms
or channels.


When the user use your
product or service for the
first time


When the user return to
you and make multiple
visits to the site.


When your user becomes fond
of your products or services
and refers to others.


When you are able to monetize
the user’s action and generate

Startup Growth Hacks

Fake it till you make it

True for small business or early stage startups with little technical knowledge who want to ensure that their websites attract more users initially to create brand awareness.

SEO Hack

Finding the keywords that generate more  traffic to your website, to making your site friendly to search engines, to building links and marketing the unique value of your site.

Social Media Hack

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and more to keep your audience engaged and interested in your business.

Content Optimization Hack

Unique content that attracts audience who is actively looking for the information you produce. It includes Blogging, Infographics, webinars, ebooks etc

Business Strategy

Evaluating and developing business strategy from formation and seed through funding rounds, building strategic networks and partnerships, and team formation and training.

Google Adwords and Analytics

Google adwords is effective tool for PPC ads and  Google Analytics tracks and records website traffic. It measures your advertising ROI..

Landing Page Hack

Well designed landing pages can generate qualified leads and increase your sales. Easy to navigate, mobile friendly and proper images are signs of good landing pages.


Affiliates are cost effective, low-risk  to increase web traffic and win new business.Affiliate marketing’s is a low-risk, pay for performance marketing strategy.

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