Building Your Startup Marketing Financial Model

Take your growth hacking to the next level

#1 – Addressable Market :-

Addressable market allow you visualize and represent how big is the addressable market for your product or service, and is it growing or declining? Who are your major competitors and what portion of the market do they currently have? What percentage of the market are you estimating you’ll be capturing within 3 months, 6 months and a year? Is it reasonable? Verify your bottom-up results with a top-down view.

#2 – User Acquisition

How to Increase your traffic and generate leads by Optimize your marketing campaigns and how each and every channel contribute to what success by

#3 – User Funnel & Simple Virility :-

The complete marketing financial model which tells about CPA User (unadjusted for virality), User Ad spend increase %, User Viral growth coefficient, User invite conversion rate %, User average invites

#4 – User Retention

The metric which shows you conversion % after signing up for FREE account and the percentage of User Retention

#5  Revenue Model :-

User Acquisition Cost (in Rs), Avg monthly revenue per user (in Rs), Gross margin per user (in %), Monthly churn rate %, User Lifetime Value (in Rs)

#4  Total Cost Sheet:-

Number of Months, Paying users, Burn rate, Revenues

Once you submit the form, you will receive an XL file which basically tells you to download the file by filling all the information.

As a leader, you would want to understand the current metrics revolving around online marketplace. For you to stay updated about the analytics and which are the trends that could prove as Must Have for a successful startup, mentioned below is a glimpse of it.

When we talk about marketplace metrics summary, we have taken into account analytics and trends from the suppliers end, how they affect the demand and how do the mash-up metrics of buyer and seller signal what can be the next trend.

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