Growth Hacking For Mobile App

Growth Valleys can help you in grow your business with great apps growth hack. We are the expert in developing mobile app growth hacks for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Marketing on all platform.

Growth Valleys test, optimize and implement your online marketing marketing strategy, tools and techniques in order to market a mobile app. The main aim of this is to increase app revenue, engagement and app downloads.  You may spent hundreds and thousands of dollars on marketing but still not getting real outcomes such as downloads and revenue generation. We help you here to reach your marketing goals through growth hacking. Our professional team of growth hackers optimize funnel by analyzing acquisition, activation, retention, revenue and refferal.


App Revenue

You can grow revenue, more traffic and mobile app downloads are required.

Mobile engagement growth hacks

App Engagement

You can get users back to your game with the deep-link functionality engagement.

mobile app downloads

App Downloads

Building awareness to increase installs is important, but more important is having people actually use it.

Growth Hacking Strategies

Create a stellar app that your target audience will drool over but you will need to implement growth hacking strategies to get more downloads and help you to reach the top of the charts which will in turn lead to more downloads and finally app heaven

1. In-app referrals is one of the top growth hacks for increasing app installs. Referral marketing is a tried and tested and is quick to catch on with users. It works as a great user acquisition tactic. It forms a viral loop leading to favorable app installs. App marketers who are at the top of the funnel and battling acquisition and user-engagement should definitely try this.

2. Focus on Google Analytics. Your competitors might have bigger budgets but a similar or inferior product: your only weapon is starting with smaller budgets and focus on a transparent channel like Facebook app installs ads or Google search ads.

3. For post-launch, Facebook’s ad  is incredibly powerful, allowing you to create highly targeted campaigns. Either you can design an ad specifically for app installs or you can segment by audience to increase effectiveness. Also, since Facebook owns Instagram, it’s just as easy to simultaneously run ads on the second best user acquisition platform.To get the most return on investment, make sure to A/B test for KPIs such as CTR, CPC, and LTV.

4. Properly localising app store descriptions, keywords is one of the key ways of driving additional installs without making any other changes to the product or strategy.


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