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We are a growth marketing agency, that helps startups and well establish companies to achieve rapid and sustainable growth.  We use various types of marketing and product iterations — content marketing, social media marketing, paid ads, email marketing, SEO and viral strategies, among others, with a purpose to increase the conversion rate and achieve rapid growth of the user base. We help in the areas that have highest impact on your growth covered like:-


Test out different user acquisition channels and scale the best performing ones.


Driving Signups or registration by pushing to use for the services.


Tactics to pull users back to your product and ensure frequent usage.


Incentive’s user to use your product and services by various product marketing referral activities.


Increase revenue by hacking the 4 stages to  pull users back to your product and ensure purchase to the marketing decisions.

The single reason why many startups fail owes a lot to the fact that their distribution based on only one channel instead. The thumb rule at this juncture essentially is to devise or employ distinct distribution channel which works out to deliver finest results.


We don’t think your competitor as an obstacle, we think them as an educational tool. To beat them, we learn their strategies them tracking them on some parameters.

While mapping out marketing strategy we use reverse engineering hacks to your competitor strategy to understand and establish what works and what doesn’t, like :-

What is their organic reach?

Did their website traffic spike after they released a new ad  campaign?

What were their sales like after the CEO? Did a Reddit AMA?

Did their bounce rate increase after they revamped their user interface?

In order to work on these strategies we work with tools like

MOAT: – Which Identifies ads for your competitors.

Email Insights: – Analyzes Competitors’ Emails Blasts.

SimilarWeb:- Which shows competitors’ website traffic statistics.

Google Advanced Search Operators:- where your competitors are getting their backlinks.

Reverse Engineering Hacks


With ‘Aha moment’ we encouraged you as a company to restructure onboarding platform accordingly.

We conduct extensive testing on user experience,  user interface, and user behavior to understand the customer journey across the product & website.

Then discover first-time user experience which is much more likely to become regular users if they engage in activity after sign-up.
Instead of doubling down on their marketing efforts, we will be going to use the money to take a deep dive into the site’s DNA.

Investing back into the product itself can reveal a systemic flaw, or an ‘aha moment,’ that, if fixed, can get you back in the game.

When product isn’t quick clicking with your customers, our first move might is not to invest in further marketing and promotion. But taking the most prudent decision by enhancing the product experience.

In order to work on these strategies we work with tools like

Webengage: – Which simplifies multi channel user engagement.

UX Pin: – Which analyzes journey maps via process maps.

The startup is a company designed to grow fast…the only essential thing is growth. Everything else we associate with startups followed from growth.


When you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Or buy them.

Pre-Filled Form Filled :- by passing out the parameters in a link based we can actually increase the conversion by 30%

Auto Select Form Filled:- The easier you will make your user filled the form the easier they will convert, as a startup, this hack can leverage the user base.

Click Popups :- The most easy way is the click pop-ups that only streamlined the on-boarding process, we empowered websites with legitimacy by affiliating their product with an established and trustworthy brand.

Transparency Hacks:- “Transparency is the new marketing,” and focusing on key feature points will help users to discover your product with an ease.


If you can get a single distribution channel to work, you have great business. If you try several but don’t nail one you are finished. So it’s worth thinking really hard about finding the single best distribution channel.


Early Stage


less than 6 months of launch


 Product Market Fit

We test different user acquisition channels and tactics, e.g. content marketing, email marketing, social media, SEO, PPC, etc. to identify and focus on those that create the greatest results for your identify and focus on those that create the

    • Get traction for new product launches.

    • Increase your traffic and generate leads.

    • Optimize our marketing campaigns.

    • Enhance your SEO and Content marketing.


Optimize Customer Acquisition

This is the first time that people experience your Aha! moment and they benefit form the value proposition that you promised them

    • Optimize your On-boarding Process

    • Automate your on-boarding communication

    • Remove Activation bottlenecks and remove churn

  • Build Social Media Presence.

Growth Stage


6 months or more after launch


 Improve customer Retention

Acquisition and activation mean nothing if people don’t stick to your product or  service. This is one of the most viral factors. If you want to achieve sustainable growth. This is one of the most viral factors. If you want to achieve sustainable growth

  • Accurate retention analysis.

  • Advanced techniques for putting users back.

  • Optimize digest and educational communication

  • Enhance your SEO and Content marketing.

  • Build Social Media Presence



People who pay for using your product or services are those that put the real fuel to your company.

  • Increase your payable customer base.

  • Maximize your free trial and freemium conversion.

  • Engage your customers and decrease churn.


Establish Companies


Boost Sales

Once people love your product, you need to start to optimize your viral growth mechanisms and boost your growth engine. Viral growth is absolutely essential for achieving any significant scale in B2C or B2B

  • Launch Successful referral program.

  • Build viral mechanism into your product.

  • Build data points to find opportunities which build even greater growth.
  • Increase your viral confident.

Due to our background working with startups, SMEs and MNCs, we fully understand the challenges different company types face and have developed highly customisable growth hacking services to maximise growth results and ROI for everyone, ranging from startups to established corporations.


We are closer than you think..!!


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