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Growth Valleys aims to build growth for organizations but we strive to make growth a long sustainable one for our clients viz Startups and Established firms through various Growth Hacking tools and techniques, Data analysis and Performance metrics.


Growth Hacking 

No two organizations are same and so their growth strategies are not similar either! We provide growth hacking strategies for startups to increase their user base and retain them.


User Acquisition 

A successful user acquisition strategy is the driving force behind any successful startup. To get early traction for your product we A/B test product iterations and marketing channels.


User Engagement and Retention 

Our objective is to keep users engaged and ensure repeat usage. We provide customer engagement strategies that can help you in excellent customer experience to improve retention.


Conversion Rate Optimization

We utilize data and analytics to build the best landing pages, website design, user experience, call to action and search ads to massively increase the conversions and  ROI.


Data Analytics

We analyze the data for making the decisions to determine which marketing channel and strategy is performing and which one is non-performing. High performing areas generate more ROI.


Product-Market Fit

The quicker your customer can understand the product value, the more you know your product has achieved right product-market fit to scale the growth.

Growth Hacking Funnel

Grow your business by optimizing the funnel

When we think about growth metrics, one of the foremost things is finding metrics that gives insight so that you can make sense of precisely what you have to do to grow your user base. Growth Hacking Funnels or conversion funnel represent actionable metrics by indicating where users are falling off in a flow. Unfortunately, people often use traditional funnel and miss valuable insights as a result of it.

There are five key metrics to consider in the funnel –

Acquisition – Acquisition is the first contact point when a user just visit your homepage or landing page through various channels.

Activation – Activation is the stage when visitors take an action defined by you, like subscribing email address, using free trial or buying the product.

Retention – People loved your product!! They are coming back to your product and using it again.

Referral – People are referring your product to others. Those referrals are coming in from top of the funnel so they also need to activated and retained.

Revenue – You monetize your product through subscriptions or paid downloads or indirectly through advertising.

growth hacking funnel

Take your company from “one to a million”, it takes an immense amount of product focus to get true product / market fit.  It is our job at Growth Valleys to build out scalable and profitable customer acquisition channels while you continue to improve and innovate on your product.

Growth Hacking Strategies 

There is no silver bullet in any type of marketing but when it is about rapid  and sustainable growth, growth hacking strategies have proved to be highly effective. No two organizations are same, so not even their growth strategies too

1. Content Creation and Blogging- High quality fresh content is best way to attract target audience. People who are looking for your content can help you grow your business.

2. Expand into Social Media- Strong social media presence is crucial to grow your business and engage users. For a startup, it may require more efforts to grow the brand presence to attract followers.

3.Set up a Referral Program –  To retain existing users and attract new one referral play a big role. By setting up a referral program, you provide benefits to both referrer and referee.

4. Creating a community- Community based engagement platform allow users to take part in various discussions. It’s all about engaging those who can help your business to grow.

5. Exclusive memberships and deals- The idea behind this hack is to attract people to be part of something exclusive  that not everyone can get.

6. Call-to-action – CTA prompt users to take decisions . It has the huge potential to increase conversions.

These are few growth hacks we have mentioned. They are plenty in number depending upon the need and the goal.

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