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The Growth Hacking Training Academy runs training workshops to equip Asian start-ups with the skills and knowledge to grow into global success stories. We deliver hands-on workshops that focus on knowledge, application and implementation of Growth Hacking techniques and tactics.

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Growth Hacking Training

Become a Growth hacker and learn how to get more clients for your startup.

Duration: 115 hrs Starts: August 1st 2016

1. Clear definition of “Growth Hacking” and How you could use Growth techniques for customer acquisition.

2. Learn how companies have applied Growth Hacking for Customer Acquisition.

3. Understand various stages of Customer Life Cycle and be able to identify what stage customer is at.

4. Learn how to apply A2R2 (Attract, Activate, Retain, Reap) Growth Hacking Framework for Customer Acquisition.

5. Get to know tools for Growth Hacking at different stages in customer lifecycle.

6. Create a growth hack strategy in order to optimize an existing product / company’s conversion funnel.

7. Get suggestions for your Growth Challenges and run experiments with Growth Hacker.

8. Growth Story of famous companies.



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