Internet of things

When we’re thinking about the development and deployment of things on the internet, there’s a variety of things we can think about. First of all, everything is constantly getting smaller. That means less battery power, longer life, and the ability to hide things in a variety of everyday objects. For example, David Rose in Enchanted Objects, talks about putting a thing inside the bottle cap of a prescription bottle so that you can both remind the user if they have to take their medicine and haven’t taken it yet, or remind them that they have taken it, as well as keep track of when they took it, in order for their doctor or their family members to find out more data or have peace of mind.

They’re also getting faster and faster. Both the CPU and memory components of a thing. The sensors are becoming faster so that you can sample more data. Just think about the camera in your Android device. With each new generation of your Android device, the image sensor has not only gotten faster, but it’s gotten higher resolution and it’s also been able to detect lower amounts of light. And then there’s higher levels of abstraction. Remember the WunderBar? We had a wifi base and we had each one of those little modules that was like a thermometer, or a microphone, or a proximity detector.

As things move forward in the Internet of Things, those particular kinds of building blocks in which you can aggregate and build a bigger thing, are gonna continue to become more and more powerful and intelligent. Just remember, there was an episode of Star Trek where Commander Data effectively reprogrammed a photon torpedo to play tic-tac-toe. So it’s gonna get to be like that. You’ll just touch things on your screen, and the modules will reconfigure themselves into doing exactly what you want them to do. And last but not least, in the trends of things, right now, a lot of thing code, code for devices, has to be written in either assembly language or C, if it’s a really low-level device or a slow processor or limited amounts of memory.

As we can see with the WunderBar, now it’s possible to connect up to things over the internet using a simple SDK and you don’t even have to write any code at all, and there are devices coming out right now that we’ll be exploring probably in future versions of this course that you can even program in JavaScript as if they were a webpage. So, the level of abstraction of developing code for a thing, just like the level of abstraction of developing websites and back-end code and apps is getting higher and higher all the time. Again, as we reach closer and closer to reprogramming that photon torpedo.


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