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Welcome to Google Firebase for Android. Google Firebase is a platform for creating, marketing, and monetizing awesome mobile apps. It works on Android app Development , IOS App Development, and the web. In this post, we’re going to take a quick look at what it’s like to build Custom Android app development with Firebase.

What is Firebase?

So what exactly is Firebase? Well if you had asked that question not too long ago, the answer would have been simply, a cloud database for mobile apps. Today, however, Firebase encompasses more than a dozen distinct developer products that provide a platform for developing, marketing, and monetizing mobile applications that are both native and web-based. The cloud database is still there and better than ever but now Firebase is a comprehensive solution for just about everything a mobile developer needs to be successful.

The Firebase products are organized into three separate categories: Develop, Grow and Earn. There’s also a core feature called Firebase Analytics that spans across all of these categories and tightly integrates with most of the other APIs. The Firebase feature set provides support for many of the common tasks that face mobile developers today. With Firebase you can measure important app usage information such as where, when, and how your app is being used, and by whom. Users can sign up for your app and login to your app using several different identity providers such as Google, Facebook, or just plain email and password.

You can detect app stability issues in the field and diagnose common causes of crashes. Your app can provide customized experiences for different sets of users based on what OS they are using, what kind of device they have, where they’re located and much more. You can setup notification campaigns to communicate with your users and help keep them engaged. Your app can make it easy for your users to share content with other people, even people who don’t already have your app installed.

Firebase can even help you earn more money with in-app advertising. In the rest of this chapter we’ll examine each of the product categories a little more closely and learn more about each of the APIs.

Firebase Features

Firebase’s Develop category contains APIs and features that help you build your application. In many cases, these are features that you would have to build yourself anyway, but Firebase saves you the time and trouble of having to do so. Firebase Cloud Messaging provides a way to deliver notifications, and send and receive messages to and from your users. And it works across platforms, Android, iOS, and even the web. Best of all, it’s free. Firebase Authentications gives you an easy way to let users sign up for and then log in to your app.

Of course, it supports Google Sign-In, but it also supports other providers, like Facebook and Twitter. You can even provide email and password authentication, which is handled entirely by the Firebase backend. And in fact, we’ll see that later in the course. The Realtime Database stores your app’s data in the Cloud, and seamlessly synchronizes it with your client applications and works even when your app doesn’t have network connectivity. Data is stored as JSON, which means you don’t have to learn all about SQL statements.

If your application lets users generate content, you’re going to need a place to store all that content. Now, I’m talking about content that’s different than what you would store in the Realtime Database, such as images, videos, or documents. For this kind of content, you want certain features, like the ability to retry uploads or downloads that get interrupted, or the ability to set security levels so that some content is public, and other content is private. Firebase Storage gives you all this and more.

Firebase also provides a hosting solution in the form of a CDN, or a Content Delivery Network. This ensures that your content is available worldwide as fast as possible. One of Firebase’s most interesting features is Remote Config which enables you to deliver custom experiences to users, without requiring them to download and install an update. We’ll see how this works later in the course. The Firebase Test Lab is how you find problems before they make it out to your users.

You can run scripted tests against hundreds of devices configurations to expose bugs before they make you and your app look bad. And finally, Crash Reporting helps you understand and measure the stability of your app. You can even track the steps leading up to a crash to better understand what’s causing issues for your users out in the real world. Next, let’s take a look at Firebase’s Grow and Earn features.

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