Driving better results by optimizing experience for visitors coming from Non-Branded Campaign

Success Story

Optimizing Experience for New Visitors


 Increase non-branded conversion by


New customer acquisition increase by


AD spend reduced by 2%


Sales uplift by 3.5%


Soch is a  one-stop retail brand for all ethnic women needs and the brand has positioned itself in over 39 cities of India with more than 100 exclusive brand outlets with their exquisite offering.


Leading fashion retailer website have big difference in conversion when the customer hits the website from different referring like non-branded compared to branded one.

So the real challenge is to have better perspective for visitors coming from non-branded keywords campaigns and optimize the website pages to build trust, authenticity and drive more awareness with meaningful impact through conversion.


When it comes to e-commerce business, driving awareness and new customer acquisition are one of the foremost priority of SOCH online. This change is quite essential as this allows them to tap tier 2 &3 cities with having any physical presence. And non-branded campaigns predominantly help them to achieve this level of penetration. But on a similar side, some New visitors have never heard about the brand proposition and not quite aware as what the brand Soch offers at all. So the objective is to design/developed campaigns which show value proposition to these visitors as soon as they land on site from the non-branded campaign. While keeping in consideration that it should be more convincing, trust-building, and enhance the conversion rate.


Our specific customer was difficult to target. Growthvalleys helped us to optimize better experience for visitors who are unaware about the brand, and increase conversion from target customers. The Growthvalleys team continuously monitors tests and reports on our account to ensure we have the best performing experience possible. I highly recommended the Growthvalley team to anyone who needs help boosting the conversion efforts.

Abhinav Kumar

Senior Marketing Head at Soch

Services Used

  • Comprehensive conversion audit
  • Analytics conversion optimization research
  • Strategic Value proposition optimization
  • Engage with customer to get full stack buy-in program
  • The use of heat map and scroll map to provide continuous intelligent feedback
  • Communication and collaboration with the sales team

To design better value propositions for new visitors, it is required to learn exactly what users expect when they landed on Soch online website? And what typically goes wrong in the process? And what changes precisely need to make to avoid these visitors exiting the website?

The foremost step that we have taken to optimize this experience is added an overlay banner on the website for those visitors who have visited through non-branded campaigns. The overlay banner is having all-important value propositions such as +10k Products, +15K+ Happy Customers, + Simple Returns! +10% off on your first purchase. Also, a dedicated Learn More (Button) placed on the overlay banner, which once clicks takes the user to a specific landing page that displays an entire value proposition.

Lastly, to make sure that the customer doesn’t feel annoyed with this kind of promotions, we have displayed an option to close the banner. And once they hit the close button, the flag won’t be visible for the next 30 days.

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