Drove 15% Incremental uplift in Conversion by Enhancing Internal Search Experience

Success Story

Enhancing B2B E-Commerce Customer Experience


 Increase search conversion by 15%


Users who complete a search are 1.8x more likely to convert


AOV increased by 25%


Site search visitors generate as much as 13.8% of overall revenue


RS component is the trading brand of Electrocomponents. A global distributor of electronic components having operations in 32 countries, offers 500k products and having 45k transactions a day globally.


Leading b2b e-commerce site faces a sudden drop in their on-site search conversion. One of the main reason for that is search result pages of RS component is quite heavy by nature. And it requires technical abilities of users to filter the results, navigate across the pages, and follow individual steps to process further. Apart from conversion, the site also faces sudden drop users browsing from search result page to product detail page.



To have a better search experience for users, it is essential to learn what exactly users expect when they perform searches on RS Component website? What typically goes wrong in the process? And precisely what changes are required to avoid these issues.

We have addressed multiple issues on the search results page, including the call to action, search results page layout, and internal product finding ability. With this, we have developed a proper solution which conveys user response in an engaging way along with their information journey.


Originally we were really worried about just how much Growthvalleys could do for us. We had worked with agencies previously and just had not seen the results that we are expecting, so we were a little hesitant. However, once we started, we saw how hard they worked to get us to the goals we had set and realized what a great investment we had made.

Jason Nikeoyeah

Former Senior product Manager RS Component

Services Used

  • Comprehensive conversion audit
  • Analytics conversion optimization research
  • Strategic Value proposition optimization
  • Engage with customer to get full stack buy-in program
  • The use of heat map and scroll map to provide continuous intelligent feedback
  • Communication and collaboration with the sales team


Search sticky header

On search result page once user scroll to the bottom, they often miss the key attributes which lie on the table header ( includes price, series, part number.. and others). The table header is the key attributes as it helps the user to correlate what attributes of the product they are viewing? What other recommendations, associated products, and comparison they can relate with?

The challenge is to visually align the customer with the table header, which helps them to see all vital information visible even if they scroll to the bottom. And with this, sticky header ultimately helps them in reducing excessive scrolling with an ease option to hit the targets.

With a sticky header, visitors can scroll further and pay more attention to the individual table attributes with the objective of a specific action.

Search Within Results

Internal search results were currently good as they provide several filter options. However, the challenge occurs when customers have to search a specific part number or brand, then practically, it takes a lot of time to go through each of these filter options.

So to reduce customer efforts, we have added an additional search box inside the search results, which helps the user to filter specific searches within the results page.

Also, as every single user relied on the product description at some point of time, that is the reason we also have make sure that there should be contextual description on each of the product line. 

The contextual description includes an image, graphic, or icon that represents a particular feature in a better way. 

We also have tested design patterns where the product description are structured by feature highlights which consistently cause users to perform more in-depth explorations and consequently make some users view the products very favorably.

Highlighting “Add to Cart” button & Showing Success State

On search result page when a user adds an item in the cart –RS is not highlighting in the better way that product has already added to the cart. Which in turn, makes it difficult for a user to distinguish between other products that they are browsing and the product which is already added to the cart.

So to reduce this misinterpretation, if the user has added an item to cart then we will visually differentiate the other call to action. That means that “Add to Cart”, from another call to action on the search results page.

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