Acquiring Quality Customers (45% uplift)
by Redesigning Product Detail Pages

Success Story

Launching the FMCG Products


 Increase conversion on
Product detail pages by 45%


Engaging content with over 23.8%
more time spent by users


Global Sales uplift by 1.5%


Athena life science is Indian FMCG Company and has launched its products in everyday consumer categories like beauty, health, and wellness.


When company has launched its products they have gained enough traction on social media platforms and other marketplace website (like Amazon, Flipkart), but when visitors hit on Athena’s website from the other marketing channels the site doesn’t offer compelling value to its users which in turn leads to poor conversion and higher bounce rate.

So, the real challenge is to enhance the overall usability of product detail page by working out on all the minor details (“from good to great”) that collectively end up having a significant impact on the visitors.

Their Objective

Product detail page of Athena life is one most important site section as roughly 70% of users see this as an entry page and therefore all of its attributes like product page layout, design, and features are the centerpiece of the user’s e experience.

The objective is to redesign product pages in a a way that it will just not offer its value proposition but also have in-depth information along with social proof which explain key benefits of the product and ultimately enhance the customers experience for higher conversion.


It is extremely rare that you touch something for the first time and it starts going in the right direction. It’s not an easy things to try to convert people who are looking for competitor solutions. I’m Happy with the directions that we are leading towards, although still have some work to do.

Abhilash Singh, Marketing & Customer Experience, Athena Life Science

The Approach

While designing a new product page layout a lot of strain given on product page layout, content types and features/benefits but while designing a new layout it is required to learn exactly what users wants/expect when they lands on product detail pages and what typically goes wrong in the process which likely to make them exit through the website

So in order to understand customers requirement, first step is taken to surface feedback on product page and asking specific question like “are you satisfied” what they are looking in the website and once enough feedback has generated then next step is take action on those feedback while enhance the layout of the website.

Services Used

  • Conversion Audit
  • Analytics Research
  • Site Analysis
  • Conversion  Reports
  • Journey Analysis
  • Journey Mapping
  • Customer Feedback
  • Value Proposition


Develop enhance feedback solutions

We have collected more than 10k users feedback, which further distilled in 130+ product page usability finding indicates an issue that users have encountered and then prioritized those into UX impact guidelines –with the aim to improve the performance of your product pages.

Product description

While product descriptions may not often get as much attention as product images, videos, “360-View” or user reviews, they are a crucial component of the product page.

Also, as every single user relied on the product description at some point of time, therefore we have added structured product description including an image, graphic, or icon that represents a particular feature alongside a description of that particular feature.

We also have tested design patterns where the product description are structured by feature highlights which consistently cause users to perform more in-depth explorations and consequently make some users view the products very favorably.

Add to cart button

When a user added items in the cart –we are not highlighting in the better way and thus makes difficult for a user to distinguish between other products.

To reduce misinterpretations of any, if the item “Add to Cart” we will visually differentiate from another call to action on the parametric pages.

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