Conversion Rate Optimization Overview

Conversion optimization is a proven method of driving incremental UX improvement that results in higher conversion and leads continuous improvement of the performance of your marketing channels that helps you to increase market share.

       For Example:- An e-commerce company has a revenue of $5M, improves it’s CR from 3.1% to 3.5% of online sales will yield over $8M enter sales year and that’s the reason even a modest increase in CR for an e-commerce leads to notable ROI

Conversion rate optimization

The Conversion Rate Optimization
Services is perfect for companies who are:-

  • Low conversion rate.
  • Paying for traffic which doesn’t convert effectively
  • Facing High Cart Abandonment
  • Enhance AOV
  • Improve Customer Experience
  • Improve the market share

Here is the example of how CRO services can make a difference to your business – as you can see from example – 0 .5% increase in Conversion rate could make the difference of $17.5 in sales for the typical monthly budget.

Conversion optimization process

What's Included?

The conversion rate optimization program includes with building an optimization testing culture which will be an ongoing data-driven process of continuous discovery and quantify the most effective experience for your customers.

The services include: – comprehensive website audit by identify roadblocks and provide improvement recommendation with a AB test program

Our conversion optimization plan includes

  1. Comprehensive conversion audit
  2.  Process documents
  3. Define what‘s being tested
  4. Data analysis
  5.  Customer journey analysis
  6. Customer journey mapping
  7. Customer feedback session
Conversion Optimization Slides

We have done more A / B tests than we can count. Good for you – You can share our experience when you are going to A / B testing, and let us train you to avoid common mistakes..

Conversion Optimization Audits

An optimization plan focused on every customer experience and Increased conversion Rates

An optimization strategy focused on enhancing website performance to increase conversion rate and customer experience.

With our conversion optimization audits, you will get a complete analysis of your funnel, website site section and customer analysis.

We find the leaks in your funnel through data analysis (Quant and Qual) and identify high-impact points for enhancing the conversion and give you a 3-month testing and optimization plan designed to grow conversions and deliver higher ROI from your existing campaigns, traffic, and online presence

What’s included:-

  1. Analytics Implementation analysis: – We analyze your analytics account (Google & Adobe) to check for any changes required or tracking implementation.
  2. Conversion optimization site analysis: – With full site audit, we will analyze different site section and figure out how the customer is interacting with it. Based on this we will identify the issue that needs to address regarding website registration, checkout, product detail pages etc. and show the roadmap for the full program and evangelize testing process through the business.
  3. Analytics conversion optimization research: – Analysis of key performance indicator to identify leaks on the site with problematic pages and customer behavior and target audience with heat maps and other user behavior.
  4. Strategic Value proposition optimization: – Unique selling proposition, and target audience from an emotional and customer intent standpoint.
  5. Conversion Optimization Report:- Extensive list of A/B testing recommendations for optimizing your customer journey. Define what is being tested. Prioritize requests. Ensure documentation is up to date.   g – Ideas for optimizing low hanging fruit, unique selling proposition, content, emotional triggers, hero banner, CTA colors, copy, social proof and much more.

Includes: 1 hour strategy call /Week and E-mail Support

Your customers expect you to know them and your executives expect you to show the results. Our conversion optimization audits give everything you need to dig deep into the data so you can get the most out of your insights. We help you to optimize experiences throughout the entire customer journey so you can get the right content to the right customers and increase conversion rates.

Conversion optimization consulting and training


Working together to optimize your funnels

Feel confident your optimization program is on track, get weekly feedback, assistance and guidance on all your designs, copy, content, tools and campaigns from a seasoned conversion optimization specialist.

Rather than outsourcing one of the most important parts of your growth team, do it in-house with the ongoing consulting and training of a conversion optimization specialist.

What you can expect

Where you stand – My team and I analyze your entire customer journey, identify the leaks, user behavior, Google Analytics insights, critique your site’s (or product’s) UX, UI, navigation, mobile interface and more.

Customer-centric conversion optimization strategy – We research your customers’ emotional drivers, your competitors, your content (copy, colors, images, social proof and more) and your unique selling proposition and map out 6-months of AB testing ideas, hypotheses and suggestions designed to deliver higher ROI.

Training and consulting – With a plan in hand we can then get started with the optimization process. I’ll work with your team on a weekly basis, guiding, tasking, critiquing and optimizing your work. Together we’ll launch tests, monitor our results and create a customer-centric journey.


Includes:4 monthly calls and email support

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