An Ultimate Guide to Localization in Android App Development

Mobile app localisation

Localization is the process of customizing your app for use in countries other than your native country. When you think of releasing your app in another country, you might just think about translating all the text, but it’s not quite that simple. It takes time and effort to modify your app in such a way that...

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Managing Apps and Widgets in Your Mobile Phone

mobile app management

Like any chore, managing apps can be a pain, but it’s beneficial. To keep your apps organized and running smoothly, a modicum of management is necessary. On this device, in the apps drawer, installed apps appear in alphabetical order, in rows and columns all on a single screen. Frequently opened apps also appear on the top...

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Exploring the Trends in IoT

Internet of things

When we’re thinking about the development and deployment of things on the internet, there’s a variety of things we can think about. First of all, everything is constantly getting smaller. That means less battery power, longer life, and the ability to hide things in a variety of everyday objects. For example, David Rose in Enchanted Objects, talks...

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The future of IoT – 2018

Internet of Things

As the Internet of things is always changing, it’s interesting to think about what’s the future of the Internet of things. Enchanted objects that will succeed will be the ones that carry on the traditions and promises of the objects of our age-old fantasies. The ones that connect with and satisfy our fundamental human desires. They will...

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An Ultimate Guide to Firebase Analytics

Firebase Analytics

Let’s take a few moments to learn about how Firebase Analytics works before we implement the logic in the app. Firebase Analytics has some important features and benefits. First, it provides free and unlimited support for up to 500 distinct events within your app, each of which can have 25 properties. Second, it provides a...

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Introduction to the “Internet of things”with Android Development

Internet of things

Welcome to Programming the Internet of Things with Android app development. “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” That’s what Arthur C. Clarke said in Profiles of the Future from 1961, nearly 60 years ago. As the price and power required to operate a computer continues to drop into the range of pennies and milliwatts, microprocessors and...

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Beginners Guide to Xcode 5 – iOS App Development

xcode iOS app development

If you’re fairly new to Apple Development or it’s been a while since your last year’s Xcode. Let’s take a couple of minutes to go over the basics. We will spend most of our time here. Xcode is our IDE or Integrated Development Environment like Visual Studio or Eclipse or Aptana. And being an IDE...

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Understanding the differences in iPad App Development

ipad mobile app development

So what’s different about developing for the iPad? Well, to begin with, not a lot. We use all the same techniques we’ve done so far. View controllers, delegation, storyboards, actions, outlets, we have the same lifecycle events. We still work with the idea of one application at a time. That takes up the full...

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