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Let’s take a few moments to learn about how Firebase Analytics works before we implement the logic in the app. Firebase Analytics has some important features and benefits. First, it provides free and unlimited support for up to 500 distinct events within your app, each of which can have 25 properties. Second, it provides a variety of predefined event types that are common to many different kinds of applications, such as e-commerce, travel, real estate, games, education, and more. Third, Firebase Analytics seamlessly integrates with other Firebase features automatically.

For example, when you use Firebase Crash Reporting, crash data is automatically reported to your Analytics dashboard. This way, you can filter audiences based on who is seeing errors. You can also use Analytics in conjunction with Remote Config to change the behavior and appearance of your app for different audiences without distributing multiple versions of your app. We’ll see this in action later in the course. Fourth, Firebase Analytics automatically records common events and useful information for you without you having to write any special code.

This includes information such as how many times users have opened your app for the first time, how many have made in-app purchases, the number of app installs and uninstalls, and much more. To use Firebase Analytics, there are some key API functions you must call. First, you must retrieve an instance of Firebase Analytics by using the Get Instance method of the Firebase Analytics class. Once you have the Instance, you can use the Log Event method to log events. Events are specified using a string to identify the event name along with some associated parameters.

The parameters are contained in a Bundle object that specifies a set of data to go along with the event. The data that you pass with the Bundle object will change depending on the event. For some events, there are predefined parameter values, or you’re free to make up your own.

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