Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing

Cost per Sale

The visitor makes a purchase on the merchant’s website and the payment is done to the affiliate solely on the point that there has been a sale

Cost per lead

The visitor completes a form on the merchant’s website and payment is done to the affiliate solely on the point that the form has been filled

Cost per click

The visitor clicks on the merchant’s banner on the affiliate site just to visit the merchant’s website nad payment is done to the affiliate solely on the point that there has been a click

Affiliate Marketing is the art and science of empowering, communicating and developing a relationship with another human being based on their needs and not mine or yours.

Do not mistake Affiliate marketing for Referral marketing

Affiliate marketing is a standout among the most flexible strategies for online advertising in which sponsors/customers pay distributors/subsidiaries just for results/execution, similar to a guest making a buy or rounding out a structure, as opposed to paying essentially to contact a specific crowd. 



Affiliate marketing is an amazing approach to assemble your own particular vast online deals group and drive clients to your business site on a ‘pay for execution’ basis. As a Merchant you can construct your own particular pay per sale, pay per lead or pay per click Affiliate program and utilize realistic, content and custom HTML/Flash notices to elevate and drive clients to your site. Affiliates will join your program and show your promotions on their sites, sending clients and activity back to your site.

All the Affiliate programs you manufacture are free and give you exhaustive online administration and deal reporting devices, so you can track your business, impressions and the client activity achieving your site. You have full control over your Affiliate program, what nation your activity originates from and which Affiliates advance your program.

Affiliate marketing provides you with increase in sales while providing valuable information to your site visitors

You likewise have finish control over the rate paid for each sale(CPS), lead(CPL), click(CPC) or the show of one thousand of your banners(CPM). You may likewise utilize our extra limited time benefit guaranteeing that your program comes to a wide and substantial US, European, Asian or Australian based client group of onlookers.

Numerous online organizations offer Affiliate programs as a method for creating deals and activity for their online organizations. These organizations will pay you high commissions in light of the movement they get from ads you put on your site. You can browse pay-per-deal, pay-per-lead, pay-per-snap or pay-per-show Affiliate programs. All the recorded projects are allowed to join and furnish you with online measurements so you can track your payments.

When you have joined an Affiliate program, you will be paid by projects pay sort. (i.e.) a compensation for each deal program pays you every time a deal is made by a client sent from your site; a compensation for every lead programs pays you every time you forward a prompt the Merchant; a compensation for each snap program pays every time an ad is clicked and pay-per-show of 1000 of a shippers banners(cpm).

Unlike other forms of advertising, Affiliate programs work very well for e-commerce sites, because they know the exact ROI from it.

Advantages of Establishing Affiliate Marketing

1. With so many startups, the Customer can now look beyond the Flipkarts, Snapdeals and Amazons for a range of unique, customized and niche Products & Services.

This is where the introduction of Affiliate Marketing in India has helped change the marketing potential for a lot of Indian Startups.

Affiliate marketing in India and over the world has a colossal business sector. This is an exceptionally lucrative method for advancing your item as you don’t have any interest in it and all you need is a decent distributor and some time.

This gives you additional time and money to enhance your item and is useful or new organizations who are marginally hard on money.

Growthvalleys has a group of experienced experts who know the tips and traps of associate advertising. We advance your organization and our administrations, as well as make connections for your site in our websites and site pages.

This gives your potential clients a smart thought of your identity. Since we are a trusted name, our clients have confidence in you and also we prescribe you. We are a subsidiary showcasing organization in India with customers everywhere throughout the world

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The beauty of Affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to invest the time and effort to create a product to sell


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