Activate Customer’s Pulse for an active customer life-cycle

It is an acknowledged fact for you and your marketing team that your customer’s relation with your organization / brand / product invariably undergoes a transformation; and you would want to ensure that these transformations would bring affirmative changes to the customer-brand relationship.
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E-Mail Automation


User Experience

Wouldn’t it be great if you could measure the success ratio of your marketing tactics that is targeted towards generating positive customer impact?

Gamification is the best way of engaging users in every aspect of their journey

The idea of rewarding customers at each step of their journey helps brands to boost engagement and successful end results, which includes e-learning, loyalty, and employee engagement and performance management.

 By offering solutions to reward your users for doing things that are important to your business using simple game mechanics and dynamics. For example:- Simply rewarding users for regular blog authorship and car review submission.

 Creating a loyalty dashboard for balancing game mechanics (for example; points, leader boards, virtual currency) and game dynamics (such as; rewards, competition, altruism) for an important step to a sustainable and engaged user base.

 Combining Gamification and social elements such as badges and levels to make learning development fun. For example uploading photos, (and watch videos), earn points and then exchange those points for rewards and discounts.

 Gamified the process of website creation by assigning points and badges for levels of site customization. The more features, content and images users add to your sites, the more they achieve in the game.

Gamification can be performed by Leaderboards, Points, Badges, Leves andn Challenges.

Growth Hacking Activation

E-Mail Automation Hacks

With E-Mail automation hacks advanced we can perform advanced clustering and segmentation, automated email flows, social media integration, lead management, and other push and pull mechanisms for personalizing the brand’s marketing to individuals through several touchpoints
e-Mail Hacks

 Personalize Emails Based On Lead Scoring 

Segmentation of users/leads based on how close they are engaging with a product, making a purchase or premium offering, with lead scoring as ranking mechanism that qualifies users based on predefined criteria as “prospect” “warm” “customers”

 Pre-fill Personal Data in Form Fields:-

We can increase conversion by pre populating product people data that can increase conversions by taking advantage of microsites or personalization engine or other techniques.

 Drip Campaigns :-

We perform drip campaigns to onboard new users or educational email course by adding some behavioral, demographic, and lead scoring triggers in your campaign.

 Build Viral Loops and Referrals
We use email channel as a way to expand the user base as virility channel which directly goes into email.

You wouldn’t want only to build brand awareness. Instead boost the customer life-cycle to the next level.


Improving User Experience by short videos, Free trial and A/B testing


Customer Journey Process

Creating a great website isn’t enough, you need to allow users to interact with or see your product working, before asking them to sign up its always necessary to provide some value first, then ask for credential.

A/B Test:-
Instead of guessing what to test, use visitor feedback obtained via survey forms, live chats, emails etc. to find out what needs to be fixed.

Free Trial:-
A free trial is considered standard these days –but what people react even better to, is free money. Instead of offering the first month for free, why not give away free credit for your products? In this case, your CTA would be “Do steps 1-2-3 and get … $ credit for free!” instead of “Sign up for a free trial.”

Free Live Demo:- This is good – offering your time can be just what you need. A free, live demo with someone from the team (or the CEO himself) is a great way to show how much you value your customers.


Headlines are one of the easiest things to AB test, you can show your users various benefits and see what produces the most conversions.

Effective CTA Button

You want your visitors to click that CTA and sign up for your product, but how complicated is the whole onboarding process?
How many steps does a user need to go through before he finally gets what he wants?

The Onboarding Process:-  The onboarding process is one of the most crucial elements influencing conversions. It is extremely important to make it as easy as possible, so it should be the subject of constant experimentation and work.

When your interaction with customers is spread across geographies, how do you manage to activate them all?


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