Growth Hacking Course 

  • What is a Growth Marketer?
  •  Skill Sets of a Growth Marketer
  •  Ads optimization
  •  A/B Testing Optimization Guide
  •  Key metrics for a growth marketer
  •  Defining and Executing the Experiment
  •  Statistical Significance
  • Establishing objectives
  •  Validation
  •  Content Creation (inbound marketing)
  •  CRM Lifecycle: Email and Push notifications
  •  What type of people tend to do well in growth marketing?
  • Paid Acquisition
  •  What is SEO?
  •  Offline Data Driven Marketing
  •  SQL and Database Infrastructure
  •  What is CAC?
  •  Understanding Customer Lifetime Value

Growth Hacking Training

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Early-stage growth marketing
Product marketing
Product marketing & UX/UI
Affiliate marketing & partnerships
Viral referral marketing
Content marketing


Search engine optimization
Web analytics & A/B Testing
CRO & growth marketing tools
Mobile marketing & retargeting
Social advertising & paid search marketing
Email marketing


Sustainable growth strategies
Predictive analytics & attribution
Monetization best practices
Growth marketing teambuilding
Marketing & sales automation
Account-based marketing


20+ Interactive Sessions
Learn no-nonsense, battle-tested growth marketing strategies and tactics from thought leaders who’ve actually worked in the trenches of big brands like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, & Eventbrite

Exclusive Networking Opportunities
Mix and mingle with serial entrepreneurs, high-growth startup founders, Fortune 500 execs, high-powered marketing teams, and top industry investors

Advanced Growth Marketing Workshops
Grab hands-on training in the skills that really move the growth needle in 2017 – from conversion optimization best practices, to advanced user acquisition and content marketing strategies.

Marketing and Growth Hacking Tools Showcase
Watch 20+ demos from the most cutting-edge, bottom-line-driving solution providers in CRM, big data, predictive analytics, content marketing, and sales automation.

On-Demand Learning
Access the growth marketing e-learning library (100+ video tutorials) and our exclusive growth marketing community of industry movers and shakers

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