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Learn and apply digital marketing fundamentals taught by industry experts. Understand real business challenges and use the insights to create integrated Digital Marketing strategies.

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IAMAI Certification

This program offers a Digital Marketing Certification from Internet and Mobile Association of India upon successful completion.


Learn. Experience. Master.

Study 15+ Industry Cases

Learn how Grofers changed their social media strategy to target hindi-speaking customers, HDFC used Google display Ads to drive additional value during the peak season and more.

Run Real Campaigns

Learn by experience. Create digital campaigns and learn to run them real-time with a budget of Rs. 15000.

Get Career Guidance

Apply for suitable digital marketing profiles through our placement assistance. Your career mentor will help you select and prepare for interviews.

This Program is made for you

Whether you are looking to build a career in digital marketing or drive your business on digital platforms, this program is made just for you. This program will best benefit you if you are:

Seasoned Marketers

Augment your marketing expertise. Acquire channel specific digital skill sets & apply your marketing strategies on to digital channels.

Digital Marketers

Learn to strategize and execute cross channel Digital Marketing campaigns and understand brands. Become a Digital Marketing all-rounder.

Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

Apply for suitable digital marketing profiles through our placement assistance. Your career mentor will help you select and prepare for interviews.


Learn from the experts

Industry thought-leaders to help
you master new skills


Guaranteed career growth

Get a pay-raise, a promotion, or
start a new career

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Accredited curriculum

Approved by 40+ global
accrediting bodies

Learn form Digital marketing expert.

This program has been designed in collaboration with the top bosses in digital marketing.

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The Full-stack Digital Marketer Masters Program is designed to transform you into a complete digital marketer with expertise across the digital marketing domain. Fast-track your career by following a clear and structured learning path recommended by industry and faculty experts. You’ll receive a holistic understanding of digital marketing and gain advanced expertise in SEO, PPC, Social Media, and Web Analytics. This course will also give you extensive project experience as well as the capability to manage and strategize digital marketing initiatives.

The program provides access to the highest quality e-learning content, simulation exams, a community moderated by experts, monthly mentoring sessions by experts, and other resources to help you master the complete digital marketing skill set.

After you have completed this program, you will receive a Masters certificate from Simplilearn stating that you have acquired the skill set of a Full-stack Digital Marketer, and validating your ability to lead digital marketing efforts in your organization.

Duration : 1 week | Professor : Jaideep Prabhu

You will start the program with a basic understanding of marketing and it’s functions, like, developing campaigns, capturing insights, market segmentation, channel selection and brand building. On completion of the first module you will gain a detailed understanding of the 4Ps framework for different types of businesses and how to analyse the competitive environment of any company using a SWOT analysis.

Duration : 1 week | Professor : Michael Leander

To master marketing it is imperative to understand how marketing has evolved over time. This module will help you understand the evolution of Marketing, the reasons for changes (like growth of digitalization, smartphone penetration, change of consumer behaviour patterns). After this module, you will be able to understand advantages of Digital Marketing Channels over Traditional Marketing Channels and also analyse where traditional marketing is be relevant.

Duration : 1 week | Professor : Anshul Khandelwal

With this module you will be able to define the different stages of consumer funnel for different types of businesses and how different digital marketing channels such as email, SEO, social media play a role at different points in the consumer funnel. You will also be able to translate business goals into marketing goals using matrices like customer acquisition costs and lifetime value of a consumer.

Duration : 1 week | Professor : Deepika Rodrigo

This module will help you understand the digital counterparts of the brand properties and the best practices for website design and user experience creation across industries. On completion you will be able to ideate mock ups of webpages and navigation structure specific to business and measure the performance of your website using matrices like traffic, users and bounce rate by source of traffic.

95% of search result clicks happen on the first page of Google results. Understand what Google & other search engines identify as a SEO optimized page, learn how to implement On and Off page SEO strategies. On completion you will be able to identify keywords relevant to your business and use them in website content for better ranking and measure SEO impact using tools like Google Analytics and Webmaster Search Console.



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