REFERRAL: Let your customers vouch for you!

The new age commerce has empowered the buyer than they were ever. Even before your marketing team gets to interact with them, the buyers have already had their stint of engagement with the brand through their discrete mediums across platforms. Never has an organization or a brand been able to convert a potential buyer into a customer immediately. This has demanded marketing efforts and over a period of time, they have been able to relate to the brands and make it as their favorite.

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Refer a Friend Promotions 


Upsell Your Customers 


Word of Mouth Virality 

There’s no denial to the fact that your customer referring you to a potential customer serves as the biggest boost for growth and becomes the simplest of growth hacking technique.

Growth hacking Refferal Techniques

Word-of-mouth virality

Generating a word of mouth virality for your business

1. ‘Wow’ product :- Make sure that your product ‘Wow’s people so much that they want to refer others.
2. Effective messaging :– Make sure your messaging is consistent with what your customers want
3. Prominent calls-to-action:– Feature your referral calls-to-action prominently on your site and other touchpoints
4. Ask existing customers for referrals:– Ask your existing customers for referrals!
5. Post-purchase emails and/or popups:- Use post-purchase emails and/or popups
6. Periodic reminders:- Post regularly about your referral program on social media

Create  better sharing options

  • Invite past customers to join your referral program
  • Allow non-customers to benefit from referring friends
  • Use two-sided rather than one-sided incentives
  • Be generous with the Friend Offer
  • Feature your referral program prominently on all your touchpoints
  • Communicate the Friend Offer clearly to participants AND referred friends
  • Keep your referral program top-of-mind with timely emails
  • Communicate the conditions of your referral reward clearly
Growth Hacking Retention

Utilize our solutions that are programmed instinctive, are absolutely hassle-free for your customers and weave vivid interaction platforms, thus making them accessible for amicable and personalized communication.

Growth hacking agency- Demonstrate Virallity

Campaign Strategy to Demonstrate Virality

  1. Feature your referral program prominently on your website and in your marketing collateral (e.g. newsletters etc.)
  2. Invite past / existing customers to your referral program, too
  3. Post regularly about your referral program on social media to keep it top of mind for advocates and followers.
  4. Send reminder referral emails so your customers won’t forget about you.

Infectious Virality

This is similar to word-of-mouth, but with a little added incentive for people to refer their friends. For instance, 15 years ago, Paypal would give you $10 if you referred a friend and they created an account. Similarly, Dropbox and Uber have used incentives to great effect. Refer a friend and they’ll get more free storage (and you too), or a discount on their first ride.

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